Bristol Festival Success

Congratulations to our fabulous competition team this week who have been competing at the Longwell Green Dance Festival in Bristol since Monday. Our students have not only danced beautifully but have been wonderful ambassadors for our school with their kindness and attitudes to each other and other competitors and we are so proud of them all. The sections this week have been really tough with over 30 dancers in each group and our girls have been totally amazing! Results as follows:

1st - Fenella Milner Tap Solo 1st - Fenella Milner Song and Dance Solo 1st - Martha Gilby Modern Solo 1st - Olivia Kerton Song and Dance Solo 1st - Rahanna Griffin Contemporary Solo 1st - Rosie Boulton-Roberts Tap Solo 2nd - Bethan Norris Modern Solo 2nd - Olivia Kerton Character Solo 2nd - Alicia Jeanes Character Solo 2nd - Mabel and Lola Modern Duet 2nd - Hannah Sawyer Own choreography 3rd - Elsie-May Govier Ballet Solo 3rd - Fenella Milner & Elsie-May Govier Song & Dance Duet 3rd - Olivia Kerton Contemporary Solo 3rd - Rebecca Pritchard Character Solo 3rd - Alicia Jeanes Song and Dance Solo 3rd - Hannah Sawyer Song and Dance Solo 3rd - Florrie Milner and Charlotte Tweedley Ballet Duet 3rd - Mabel Maisey Modern Solo 3rd - Alicia Jeanes Tap Solo 4th - Martha Gilby Character Solo 4th - Martha Gilby Song and Dance Solo 4th - Fenella Milner Character Solo 4th - Fenella Milner Modern Solo 4th - Fenella Milner Ballet Solo 4th - Megan Boyd Modern Solo 4th - Megan Boyd Song and Dance Solo 4th - Elsie-May Govier Song and Dance Solo 4th - Florence Milner Character Solo 4th - Florence Milner Tap Solo 4th - Florence Milner Modern Solo 4th - Florence Milner Lyrical Solo 4th - Florence Milner Ballet Solo 4th - Amelia Shaw Song and Dance Solo 4th - Natasha Hodge Lyrical Solo 4th - Kelly Baker Lyrical 4th - Kelly Baker Modern Solo 4th - Kelly Baker Song and Dance Solo 4th - Kelly Baker Own choreography 4th - Rahanna Griffin Modern Solo 4th - Grace Pole Ballet Solo 4th - Rebecca Pritchard Ballet Solo 4th - Lola Punchard Character Solo 4th - Lola Punchard Lyrical Solo 4th - Lottie Gilby Song and Dance Solo